I bet you have seen the slot machine once. You know, the well known one armed bandit. It was named like that because originally it had one lever that was used to spin  the three reels within the casing. In fact some of the similar machines are still in use and provide quite a lot of amusement to the players and lets face it, some rewards too.

But have you ever wondered about the history of the slot machines? Let me tell you some facts about them today.

The very first machine produced was nicknamed the Liberty Bell and was produced in 1895 by a man named Charles Fey. He was a German immigrant who came to America to look for a better lifestyle. The original symbols he used on the reels came from the card suits. So there was a star, a horseshoe and a liberty bell.

The Libery Bell machine turned out to be huge success and rights to produce and distribute it were quickly purchased by a gambling equipment production company. However Cherles Fey refused to sell new versions of the machine to be produced. One of those news versions was called Operator Bell and was the first one to use the now well known fruit symbols on the reels. It was created in 1907.

By 1910 thank to new laws prohibiting gambling these machines became illegal. Some of the producers in attempt to still keep them on the Market tried to disguise them for vending machines. One of the tricks they used was building a machine that dispensed a stick of chewing gun with every pull of the lever. Unfortunately the only outcome of that was that from then on the vending machines started to be perceived in a negative light, a trend that is pretty much going on strong today.

Once the laws have been revoked the slot machines went back to public use and by 1960 have gone all electric and a decade later microchips were added to allow for the machine to work with a press of the button only.

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